All our experts are qualified Lean Sigma Master Black Belts former Factory Managers.

1500 factory personnel trained over 20 years, totaling more than 20,000 hours of training.

Expertise in delivering in excess of £120 million of annualised factory improvement.

Achieving a high-performance factory is extremely challenging. 

Invariably, it's a constant battle to keep everyone on a path to improvement. 


Having worked with hundreds of organisations, we see the same challenges appear week in week out:


  • A lack of knowledge:
    For example, line performance has plateaued despite the team's best efforts, resulting in embedded under-performance.


  • A culture of taking the easy approach: 
    For example, machine speeds are turned down to hide problems impacting output.


  • No robust systems in place for effective improvement:

    For example, ineffective machine maintenance results in a culture of cardboard engineering.

  • Staff don't have the know-how to drive performance. 
    For example, there is no consistent use of root-cause problem-solving tools, so the team doesn't know why a given problem went away, or why it reappears later.

The Bottleneck Improvement Game will change your perspective!


Fundamentally, a factory is no more than the sum of its people. 

There are three things in place in all high-performing factories:

A - Attitudes

Open-minded teams willing to make change are the foundation of Manufacturing Excellence

B - Behaviours

Motivated, high-performing staff maintain energy and the enthusiasm and lead by example

C - Capabilities

Highly effective operational teams not only understand their business inside out, but have the skills and knowledge to apply industry best practice

Ambassador Academy Membership

Regional groups, meeting 1 day a month, to develop Operational Excellence Skills:

  1. Attitudes:  Peer to peer support that challenges attitudes towards what is possible.

  2. Behaviours:  Personal Improvement Plan - individualised on what to focus on next.

  3. Capabilities:  Training in Lean Improvement Tools to take back to the workplace.



1-2-1 Support Coach to talk  through issues as they arise.   

FMCG Academy on-line learning platform.

Bespoke Development Path to:

  • Yellow Lean Sigma belt.

  • Green Lean Sigma belt.

  • Black Lean Sigma belt.


Start the journey to become an Ambassador

Follow these simple steps:

1. Book the BIG

2. Discuss suitability to visit a taster session

3. Become a member


Sounds interesting, but not quite sure? 
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“Ambassador Academy has provided me with an opportunity to learn new skills in a manner that no other course offers. The fact that each session is tailored around the problems brought to it, allows practical feedback on real problems, from experts in Lean Sigma and likeminded people from other companies.”   
-    Sam Bramma, Bradford Site Director, Mailway

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